Anna Banshchikova can’t show rigor to daughter

Анна Банщикова не может проявлять строгость к дочери
This spring, the actress Anna Banshchikova was a large mother, giving her husband Vsevolod Shahanova adorable daughter Masha.

Анна Банщикова не может проявлять строгость к дочери

In the couple’s older two sons, Misha and Sasha. According to Anna, she has a little different approach to the issue of educating daughters.

“She’s just a very small, very gentle girl, made a completely different test than boys. That sons should be prepared for life, so they will become men, taking responsibility, caring about someone, earned. And the girl just needs to be sweet and tender. Girls, in my opinion, it is not necessary to educate. They need only to love and spoil. What with her demand – she must be a Princess!” – says the actress.

Anna did not linger long on maternity leave and soon after the birth of her daughter began shooting.

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