The attackers took advantage of the credulity of Viktoriya Dayneko

Злоумышленники воспользовались доверчивостью Виктория Дайнеко
Some time ago a popular singer Victoria Daineko suffered from-for the trustfulness.

Злоумышленники воспользовались доверчивостью Виктория Дайнеко

The singer did not go into details, but said that is very naive, which, of course, people use.

“I always like to cheat. Or am I just the most attentive. But these building history and fraud online payment systems I was obviously enraged. That’s how they steal people little by little and with each lucky winner will get a serious Fund that could save the life of a sick person, but no, steal something in his pocket, I suppose,” shared Victoria.

Recently and in his personal life Dayneko serious changes have taken place, the husband deceived her and was not even informed about what was going to divorce. Of the decision of his former wife Victoria had only learned from journalists.

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