Анна Ардова рассталась с мужем из-за звезды сериала «Ликвидация»
A new novel began many months ago.

Анна Ардова рассталась с мужем из-за звезды сериала «Ликвидация»

Anna Ardova


Today it became known that Anna Ardova officially terminated
marriage with her husband, actor Alexander Shavrina. This year, spouses must
was to mark the 20th anniversary together, but decided not to make a farce of the so
called “porcelain marriage.”

Anna and Alexander have a common son Anton and daughter Sonia (from
the first marriage of the actress). Close to the pair claim that despite the divorce, and Ardova
Shavrin remained close friends, but to maintain the appearance of a happy family they are not
steel, after all, in the life of the actress has long been a new man.

47-year-old Ardova did not follow the example of those ladies who in
her age give birth to a lover younger. Her choice was a 49-year-old
actor, recognized as a sex symbol Maxim Drozd, who starred in the TV series “Liquidation”,
“The village”, “Damned Paradise”. In the midst of a new novel Ardova changed
hair and lost 10 kg. interestingly, in kinbrough about this when it was said long ago, although the actors tried not
to advertise their relationship.

Maxim Drozd

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Thrush, by the way, in real life similar to the heroes, which
plays in the movie. Strong, brutal, direct. To resist such a man
difficult. He was married three times, in addition, Maxim attributed novels with many Actresses
with whom he played in different projects.