Александра Урсуляк стала мамой в третий раз!
The star of the movie “first Time” gave birth to a son.

Alexandra Ursulyak

Photo: 7Days

The star of the movie “first Time” Alexander Ursulyak became a mother in
for the third time. Information about this appeared on the official web page
Moscow drama theatre. A. S. Pushkin, where is the actress. Now
she is the mother of many children.

Colleagues of Alexandra, which published greeting
post and accompanied it with snapshot of the play “Mad money”: Mary holding a baby, and next to it sits Ivan Urgant.

Congratulating Ursulyak with the birth of his son, the artists said that
host of “Evening Urganta” has nothing to do with this, but sure that too
happy for Sasha. Mom and baby are wished good health and happiness. The name of the father of a newborn baby Alexander is not
calls. It is known that she lives with musician Andrew Rezedentom.

Recall that Alexandra also has two daughters,
born in marriage to actor Alexander Golubev.