Анита Цой рассказала о свадьбе сына Star thinks about the moment when she becomes a mother-in-law. Anita Tsoi confessed that he hoped the prudent heir. According to the artist, it does not intend to argue with Sergei, who has own right choice.

      Анита Цой рассказала о свадьбе сына

      Honored artist of Russia Anita Tsoi – a happy wife and mother. Last year, the son of the singer Sergey turned 24. Recently, the celebrity was the guest of the program “Alone with all”, the air which told about how relates to the maturing of his heir, and thinks about his wedding. Presenter Julia Menshova asked Anita Tsoy, not whether she intends to marry Sergey according to Korean traditions.

      “My husband and I talked several times on this topic, we have friends who still give their children. We are happily married, but it was risky. My husband and I have decided that it is not ready to assume such responsibility for the life of his son. It’s good that it happened. And if it did not happen? There would have been a broken life. It seems to us that the son is a very intelligent boy. He was brought up in a good, proper and family-friendly environment. It seems to me that the son himself will understand”, – said the artist.

      In conversation with Yulia Menshovoj Anita Tsoy also told how to accept that my son is grown now. According to the singer, Sergey can show her his will and she understands that in such moments it is useless to argue with him.

      “I look forward to skirmishes with the son. He’s growing up. Previously, he was quiet, calm and intelligent boy, now it begins to boil male energy. I can feel it, for example, he may come and say, “Mom, I said so.” And I feel the new position. Perhaps it should be. And I should be smarter than to think that I’m saying son. After all, he’s a grown man, I can’t tell him as before: “Tie your shoes, because I have to”. He has his great right to vote,” admitted Choi.

      Recall that the marriage of the stars took place according to Korean traditions. Then Anita Tsoy was nineteen years old. In an interview, she talked about the fact that married without love. “Seven times saw, on the eighth – wedding” – confessed artist. However, the destiny of celebrities went well: she’s happy Union with Mr Choi for more than two decades.

      In 2015, the honoured artist of Russia celebrated a silver wedding anniversary. At a sumptuous feast Choi gathered many stars of show business, including Philip Kirkorov, Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko, Andrei Malakhov, Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota, Anna Semenovich, Baigali Serkebayev, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Nadezhda Babkina. Most celebrities attending Anita together with their second halves.