Anita Tsoy admired colleagues a new show

Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    Anita Tsoy staged a spectacular show

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    The singer appeared in different images

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    Ekaterina Odintsova

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    Elena Sever and Vladimir

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    Angelica Agurbash

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу


  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    Sati Kazanova

  • Анита Цой восхитила коллег новым шоу

    Dmitry Dibrov

  • Sasha Savelyeva

Yesterday, singer Anita Tsoy has presented to fans of his new show “20/10”. Artist long and carefully prepared concert programme to make an impression on the audience and to demonstrate all facets of his talent. On stage, Anita staged a spectacular show. The singer appeared in front of all the guests in unexpected images – the actress spoke in a pink wig-Bob, there was a platinum blonde.

Among the guests gathered numerous celebrities who were delighted to see that Anita had to really hit them on stage. They are unable to restrain emotions and shared video excerpts on their pages in social networks.

“Anita, for me, is a vivid example of the incredible solar energy! It is a power plant to run! Beautiful and happy woman, loving and beloved mother and wife, she could live without the tremendous efforts, but Anita is at a level of personal development is becoming huge and beautiful goals to achieve them,” wrote Ekaterina Odintsova.

Especially for the show Anita ordered a gorgeous outfit from the famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin. Unusual hanbok Korean national costume is made in the old Paris Studio. 7500 suit studded with Swarovski crystals. Without exception pleased with what he saw of the show. Valentin Yudashkin made for Anita Tsoy hanbok

“Anita! The show last night you threw me into shock – cultural and aesthetic! Thank you, mother, for the way you inspire with your wisdom, power, courage, courage, high professionalism!” – he thanked us for the show, Sati Casanova.

Fans who were able to come to the premiere show Anita Tsoy, got a lasting impression from the concert.

“Congratulations to you, Anita! The concert was amazing, the scenery is powerful and interesting effects! We were very pleased, though, and sat under the ceiling!”, “Everything was wonderful and soulful! Thank you and good luck in the new victories on the way to your goals!”, “Anita, this concert is the best, especially the dragon, and painting with coal,” began to restrain his emotions fans who were lucky enough to attend the premiere show.

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