Ex-participant of “the Voice” Shura Kuznetsova: “I’m blown”

Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» The singer left the team of Leonid Agutin. The singer of the song “Shut up and hold me tight”, conquered almost all mentors on the first stage of selection, this time failed to win their location. Shura Kuznetsova told “StarHit” what happened on the stage at the time of her speech.

      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела»

      On the “blind” auditions of the musical show “the Voice” singer Shura Kuznetsova made the jury a lasting impression. She performed a song from their own repertoire of “Shut up and hold me tight”. Penetrating performance artist is not indifferent to Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan and Leonid Agutin who wanted to see her in his team. However, the Shura expressed a preference for Leonid Agutin. Today after the “duel” with Boris Seseri, where they performed pensions “If you ever forgive me” Kuznetsova left the project. “StarHit” decided to find out what the singer experienced after the defeat, and what she plans on further career.

      What did you felt after you left the project?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» It doesn’t hurt me. I immediately calmed myself with the thought that so should be. Maybe I’m to blame, and it was necessary other material to show Leonid Nikolaevich. But I’m not upset that I was leaving. When I spoke today, I was not working the earphone, some kind of technical problem. I couldn’t do anything about it, because the shooting cannot be stopped in any case. After that I went to the sound engineer, but he said that this sometimes happens. And I have not output to the monitors, so I don’t even know how to sing, then we’ll see. —
      I think it was the reason that the victory in this round gave you?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» No, it’s just difficult when not singing his own material, not recycled personally. Agutin I offered to make a new arrangement of this song. But Leonid, as an author, which is also difficult to accept. The guys who are involved is professional cover artists. That is, they did it every day in the restaurant, on the road. I spent two years singing only their songs, just working on it. —
      Wasn’t that the other coaches did not take to his team after the “fight”?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» To be honest, was hoping that Dima Bilan take me in their team, but that didn’t happen. Leonid said a phrase that I was heavier than everyone else. And I agreed with him, and even in those 15 seconds that the jury was turned to me, I did not want to stay, I’m burned out.—
      Didn’t feel that the coaches decided to give a chance to less known artist? You know…
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» No, I think that this is due to more simple things. I’m sure Leonid Nikolaevich left of Boris, not because I’m bad. He probably knows what to do next. Maybe everyone thought that I can sing only sad songs. But it’s not. The second album I will have fun.

      How did the idea to participate in the project?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» Several times I tried, but could not. This time I even didn’t want to go, and my friend Mary advised me to do it again. Of course, I wanted to pass on. —
      Managed to make friends with someone of the participants?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» Inside the “Votes” fantastic atmosphere. No one work, on any project for me so not treated. Almost blow away dust particles, I even made friends with the editors. With the participants was different. It was difficult for me to bond with them because we are different. In my opinion, some do, I would say, “music-sports”. They try to sing correctly. When I write an album, just imagine what will be the cover who will take what the Director. My husband even says I’m a top Manager is a musician. And there comes the guys who are producers, so he told them what to do, how to behave and so on. In my opinion, only see the standard path is to sign a contract, to find people who will invest in your talent. I’m going the other way. I make money and invest in yourself. I am a pianist, playing since the age of five. For two years every week engaged with the teacher of vocals. —
      Your performance on “the Voice” after the blind audition garnered nearly a million hits. Read what they write about you, the audience?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» I want to make a movie is to read all the negative reviews with expression. They have no idea what to go on stage, so pointless for them to be offended. Approximately fifteen hundred people I complimented, adding almost 10 million followers on Instagram, two or three thousand added to the friends in “Vkontakte”. But the most enjoyable for me was that if you follow the hashtag #syracusecoe, we can see that some people have done covers of my song. I mounted it in one movie.

      You know as a member of KVN team “Faculty of journalism”. When I decided that I want to associate life with music?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» We lost last season, badly acted. The year before we were Vice-Champions. Thought the old effect will continue to play well, but it didn’t work, everyone is tired. “Voice” is nothing compared to the WHC. When we played in the Premier League, slept for 40 minutes during the week, then, to speak, nearly falling into a swoon – I’m not even kidding. After we had ceased to participate, I started to think what to do next. —
      What were the first steps in music?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» Lay night and thought of what to do. Was the last of five thousand, which I decided to buy a piano. Come on, I was scared of where he’ll kill in these garages, but nothing happened. Opened poems of Marina Kozub, and realized that they can become lyrics. Wrote three songs for the month created probably 15 tunes. Then began to look for a sound producer. Recorded the album – it all happened by itself.—
      With such a busy your husband Nikola Melnikov’s not jealous?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» No, he studied music and focused on the album, so we are very similar. I addition to the work the work is – school producers Headliner school. I force people to do what they love and getting paid for it. Organize workshops, learn to write press releases, promote in social networks.

      When planning to have children?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» I have everything in life parallel. I don’t think we need to bring something in sacrifice. Some things, of course, come to the fore. Been a year since I got married. At our wedding there were probably 300. We arranged the wedding, as a party, playing DJ, all came in sneakers, that was easy to dance the night away. Then went to Peterhof, and two days later went to lecture.—
      But what about the honeymoon?
      Экс-участница «Голоса» Шура Кузнецова: «Я перегорела» We went later to the Philippines, then Cambodia for a month on Koh Phangan. Throughout the year he makes me gifts, gives me the music is the best. On our first anniversary, we flew to Amsterdam for three days. Walking, riding a bike, meeting friends. There was a funny incident – we have friends who live in Azerbaijan. We have a wedding held in one day, and then we were together in Amsterdam.