Ani Lorak told about her ex

Ани Лорак рассказала о своем бывшем
The singer shot a new video.

Ани Лорак рассказала о своем бывшем

Ани Лорак рассказала о своем бывшем

In Kiev ended with the shooting of the video
Ani Lorak with the song “New ex”. Director of new video of the singer again addressed the ambitious
Alan Badoev.

“New ex” is the fifth work in the Bank joint clips Anya and Alan. In
this clip Badoev in all colors will reveal the multiple faces of personality
women as heroines video, which has fallen out of love with the man, but at the same time
continues to be to him the tender feelings. Song
“New ex” just a few weeks of rotations on the radio
received a lot of positive feedback from listeners, and
the clip, in turn, promises to be very intriguing and not simple.

“Today we have shamelessly much
heroines, which naturally acts out of Ani Lorak. And it
really a challenge, because Carolina will need a
day, the whole day to play a variety of different
Ani Lorak. With different moods, with different emotions, in order to
then we could stop and leave black-and-white image, where
Ani Lorak true,” —
told before filming Alan Badoev.

video and song about how a girl decides to end painful
relationship. The decision was made once and for all: “I’m indifferent erase and
forget it,” and, although the feelings
I still have them, obviously to say goodbye — the best solution. Always
we must remember that closing one door will open another.
“New former” women’s history, history about the separation, acceptance
difficult decisions in life. The song of life,
sincere, written by Oleg Vlady, which is very keenly felt
the female soul.

Ани Лорак рассказала о своем бывшем

“I love Alan, because he
one blood, on the same page. I sent him the song, he told me something
saying that something back, something is born in the process of shooting.
I know the script, but Alan
adds some chips, and it makes the work more interesting.
Alan changes, he lights us all, encourages, gives strength and energy, and
of course, a pleasure to work with him, — says Ani Lorak.

According to the Director, on the script he
thought more than a month. Alan wanted to the idea was strong and left
the viewer finish:
“When the song is strong want to do something… crazy,” says Alan Badoev. It is safe to say that something
extravagant and out. In fact, Ani Lorak had to play immediately
several images that constantly change and change the characters
their heroines who constantly repeat “you are now my new
ex.” Undoubtedly, it is very tiring, but at the same time exciting
and interesting. In this shot the Director has used completely new
technologies that the clip will turn into a real
Hollywood special effects that make this clip special.

“This song has a very specific
the line is “stop the game”. And here I thought in every woman’s life
there comes a time when she wants to stop the game to remove all the masks
all women who say
in her mind every day and be myself as it is
is. To stop the game in order to find the truth, to find
the power to tell the person in front of the truth,”
says Alan Badoev.

With a professional team working on the result, the filming process, in length, 24 hours a pleasure.

In November, every one of you
can see the story of a girl who with different moods, with
different entities, with different feelings and emotions through the backlog
open yourself to a real beloved man.