Ani Lorak made a “hot” photo shoot in Mexico

Ани Лорак устроила «горячую» фотосессию в Мексике
The singer boasted a perfect figure in a swimsuit.

Ани Лорак устроила «горячую» фотосессию в Мексике

Ani Lorak

Photo: Instagram

Ani Lorak

Photo: Instagram

Ani Lorak, which has always been a winner
chiseled figure, has done fans a real gift. During a family
vacation in the Mexican town of Tulum, the singer posted several photos, each
of which could easily adorn the cover of men’s magazine.

The fans were delighted with the pictures and
put the figure of the singer “the highest grade”. When
this lorac claims that are not “fixated” on a diet.

“I do not sit on diets and don’t arrange fasting days. Instead
prefer separate meals, eat small portions, dinner no later than seven
o’clock — said the singer. — I
eliminate fast carbs, which are deposited on the female
barrels and the need to satisfy the useful sweet honey. If you’ve decided
to lose weight, a sweet cannot be compromised. Also in the black list
fizzy drinks and juices from packages, mayonnaise and various
bakery products.

Sometimes it is necessary to do breaks yourself and let the culinary joy in
a piece of the cake, slice of dried bread with bran or your favorite dish
fried potatoes. Otherwise, instead of pleasure from the fact that you’re looking trim, get
psychosis and depression. But such relief is rarely necessary to arrange and add
“sweets” to the usual menu, and replace it with dinner or lunch.”


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