Jim Carrey has admitted that he was ready to die

Джим Керри признался, что был готов умереть
The actor told them about their experiences with horror.

Jim Carrey


55-year-old Jim Carrey has admitted that he will never forget his terrible
awakening over the weekend. Actor, vacationing in Hawaii,
woke up to alert air RAID. “To the territory of Hawaii
approaching ballistic missile! Everybody go to your shelters! Attention:
this is not a drill!” such
the message to all inhabitants, it has been duplicated at
the TV sounded from the speakers. And only half an hour
followed by a new announcement: “there is No threat of attack. It was a mistake!” Power apologized, explaining that the incident is the result
mistakes made by one of the workers responsible for the security system.

“I was sure that I, like others,
left to live for ten minutes, no more. Ultimately, the message was
about, but the horror, believe me, was the most
real!” — admitted angered Jim. Shared the experiences and
73-year-old singer Diana Ross, which also was in Hawaii at this time. “I
heard that you need to evacuate. I can’t tell you how scared we all were…
All hotel guests gathered in the basement. We tried to remain calm, but on
really, everyone was terrified. Thank God that all ended well!” —
told Diana.

As told by others
witnesses to the incident, Hawaii was a real mass panic. In
a result, many islanders and tourists were so traumatized that
the story that was forced to seek help from psychologists.

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