Анджелину Джоли сразил паралич на нервной почве The star complained of health problems. After breaking up with brad pitt, the actress was battling the disease. Angelina Jolie regularly doing acupuncture and no longer feels the sex symbol.
Анджелину Джоли сразил паралич на нервной почве

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie after a time, decided to speak plainly, how there was her life after her divorce from brad pitt and what do the children feel. The favorite of millions did not hide the fact that she had to endure pain and suffering. The gap with her husband resulted in health problems and emotional exhaustion.

As an actress, after divorce she with six children moved away from pitt and the first nine months of wandering with suitcases at friends and hotels. And now, just a few days ago, she managed to move to a new house located in a secluded neighbourhood in Los Angeles. New housing cost the Hollywood star in $ 25 million. In a luxurious mansion with 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and fabulous kitchen. For economy, the confessions Jolie, watching herself.

“Buying a home is a big step forward for us, and we all try our best to heal our family,” says the actress.

Life after separation from her husband Angelina Jolie calls brand new. In the education of children is now helping her father with whom she used to be close. The grandchildren love grandpa and happy to accept his help.

“I just want to cook a proper Breakfast and keep the house. It’s my responsibility, – says the star. – At the request of my children, I take cooking lessons. When I go to sleep, I always think if I was mom?”

Angelina Jolie has confessed that he tries by all means to make sure that children do not see her suffering. She still remembers how separated parents. The young actress was very worried for mom, and it’s a shock to forget she couldn’t.

“I don’t want my children worrying about me. They need to know that everything will be fine. When you want to cry, I go to the bathroom. I have six children and I am proud of every. We all care about each other,” says the star.

Jolie nostalgic of the time when I met brad pitt. Their story was really romantic, and all children grow up in a great love. Now she tries to keep the warmth in the family, but understands that after the divorce, the old life will be gone. “I was down” – brad pitt for the first time about divorce and the fight with Angelina Jolie

Last year immediately after a breakup with her husband, the actress started to have problems with health. She developed facial paralysis. Now she can hardly move one half of the face. To cure the disease, the star goes to acupuncture. In addition, after surgery to remove breast Angelina got some grey hairs, and the skin on my face became dry. The idea that the public still considers her a sex symbol, makes Jolie laugh.

“I don’t know what caused it. Maybe menopause. Or too heavy. I forgot about myself, and health made itself felt. But due to the fact that I have myself, I still feel a real woman” – said in an interview with Vanity Fair Angelina Jolie.