Алексей Панин победил в суде за опеку своей дочки
Some years there was war between Alexey Panin and his ex-wife for the upbringing of the daughter of nyusi.

Алексей Панин победил в суде за опеку своей дочки

The day before Alex said that now my daughter will live with him and at the last meeting of the court took his side. Back in the spring Panin won the case, but Julia Udintsev, mother of the NYSE, appealed, and lost again.

“The courts are over! Vladimir regional court upheld the previous decision. The NUS, by law, have to live with me. Thanks to my dear lawyer Natalia. I hope she, along with Yulin lawyer will be able to do everything that the mother began to communicate normally with my daughter,” said Alex subscribers.

Of course the strange behavior of the child towards his own mother, a feeling that Panin turned her against her mother.

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