Alsu is looking for a way out of crisis in marriage

Алсу ищет выход из кризиса в браке The actress said about adultery. Alsou decided to be honest with the fans and shared his thoughts about the relationship between men and women. The followers were thrilled from the thoughts of the singer.
Алсу ищет выход из кризиса в браке

Many fans of the singer Alsou consider it a standard of femininity. The actress together with her husband Yan Abramov has three children – daughters Safina and Mikella, and son Raphael, who was born in August last year. After the birth of the heir to the artist for some time, disappeared from social networks. Now she is reconnected with fans and happily answering their questions. As it turned out, most followers are worried about the subject of how to save your marriage. Alsu shared his reasoning.

“I have, unfortunately, no formula for an ideal relationship. I’m still learning to build relationships within their own family. (…) And still very, very much, in my opinion, it depends on the women in the family. Where it is necessary and to keep silent, somewhere not to pay attention, to remember and to respond in a more appropriate setting, somewhere to insist on. And never forget that we are women. Men love with their eyes and want to see the beauty”, – said the singer.

Alsou also advised fans not to forget about how important it is for husband and wife have the same Hobbies. She believes that it is necessary to be aware of that like husband. The second half, the actress can be called a kind of “panacea” of cheating.

“It is very important for a woman to show any interest in what the husband what he likes. Even if she doesn’t like it, show at least minimal interest. Try to understand what he finds interesting. A man is very important. Otherwise it will just look for attention somewhere else or another person, maybe another woman. And this is very bad,” admitted the singer.

The fans have come to love that Alsu have described in detail his view on relationships between men and women. They felt that the artist is absolutely right – in order to save your marriage, you need to work on this.

Mother of three children told a personal story of living together with a spouse. She admitted she was often upset by trifles.

“For example, I’m myself surprised by some things, things that make me so upset at the beginning of our Jan life. And now I remember and wonder why I wasted my nerve cells, which, incidentally, are not restored, for such nonsense! Now, even if values are not given,” recalled the artist.