Angelina Jolie is credited with an affair with a billionaire

Анджелине Джоли приписывают роман с миллиардером According to the American tabloids, the couple divorces because of the passionate desire of the actress. For the Hollywood star allegedly courting the Arab Sheikh, which Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from brad pitt.

      In mid-September, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt, after two years of marriage. At the moment, the ex-wife decides how it will arranged the future life of the family.

      American tabloids put forward different versions about what caused the breakup Jolie and pitt. Among the speculation is, as absurd, and quite likely. Thus, the publication Hollywood Life found out from own sources, who requested anonymity, the curious details of the personal life of Angelina.

      A collection of the most absurd rumors about Jolie and pitt: press review

      According to the portal, Jolie had an affair with a married Arab billionaire, whose name is kept secret. Supposedly fateful acquaintance of the actress and the businessman has occurred on one of the official meetings that the Hollywood star had visited as a goodwill Ambassador of the UN.

      Anyway, the final breakup Angelina and brad not far off. By the end of this month should be a meeting of the court at which former spouses will decide who will get full custody of the children. At the moment, Maddox, pax, Zahara, Shiloh Nouvel and the twins Knox and Vivienne to live with her mother. The father was allowed to meet the children only once, under the supervision of a specialist. However, pitt is ready to make any concessions, if only Jolie had not forbidden him to communicate with the heirs.

      According to friends, the Hollywood actor is in a deep depression and insanely upset over the incident. “He constantly communicates with the staff of the family to know that they were all right. He just said: “Please look after my children, the only thing that matters to me now” – the words pitt press his friend.

      Numerologist: Angelina Jolie tired to endure the despotism of the husband

      At the same time, according to relatives of Jolie, the actress endured the drunken antics of her husband and his rough treatment of children. For this reason, probably, she wants to obtain sole custody of sons and daughters, and pitt to allow to communicate with them at any moment when he so wishes. Apparently, to live under the same roof as the once-beloved husband of the actress do not intend to.