Grigory Leps upset daughter on the show “the Voice”

Григория Лепса расстроило появление дочери на шоу «Голос» The musician believes that his successor is still too early to speak in such projects. Inga Lepsveridze took part in the blind audition, but not a star father or other mentors of the project is not launched by 31-year-old singer their chairs. “The old need to work you still, it is early,” said the eldest daughter of Grigory Leps.

      Григория Лепса расстроило появление дочери на шоу «Голос»

      On the First channel with success is the fifth season of “the Voice”. Nearing final stage of the blind auditions, which this time was full of intriguing moments and surprises as mentors for the show and for his audience.
      Huge surprise for one member of the jury of “the Voice” Grigory Leps was the appearance on the scene of his daughter from his first marriage, 31-year-old Inga.
      She sang a beautiful song in English Not about angels (This is not a story about angels), which became popular thanks to the British singer Birdy.

      “I guess dad doesn’t recognize me, he heard me only once, and that was long ago”, – shared the singer before the show with the host of the show “the Voice” with Dmitry nagievym. However, she was wrong. Grigory Leps recognized the voice of the daughter from the first notes.

      While she spoke, the camera intently watched the reaction of the Leps. It was evident that he was clearly disappointed by this participant blind listening and certainly not going to deploy her chair. Similar emotions were experienced by other teachers, none of them never pressed the treasured red button.

      “Well, what are you doing here?”,- strictly asked Leps to his successor. “It happened,” smiled Inga.

      Like apologizing to Inga Polina Gagarina said her distinctive style and incredibly beautiful vocals and admitted that in the beginning were ready to turn to the performer. “But alas, Inga, you have suffered in a different tone,” – explained his position the mentor of “the Voice”.

      However, in the final discussion Grigory Leps still gave Inge hope to participate in the show, saying that she should come to the project again. “The year we need to work until you too early on the scene,” he said of his daughter.


      Perhaps one of the main differences this season from the others is that this time here try their hand artists, whose names are well familiar to fans. To get to “the Voice”: why stars come on the project

      In the blind auditions attended and stayed in the project Alexander Panayotov, Ekaterina Gordon, Darius “Nuka” Stavrovich, known for his work in alternative band “Slot” in the project “Nuka”. Tried his hand in the “Voice” actress Irina Klimova and TV host Alexander Gordon, but the mentors did not appreciate their vocal abilities.