Анджелина Джоли помогает венесуэльским беженцам

Angelina Jolie isn’t thinking about the divorce, because her head is filled with more important things. The actress went to Peru, where she had shaken hands with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Peru Nestor, Popolizio. On Tuesday there was a meeting of the actress and politician in the government Palace in the capital Lima.

Анджелина Джоли помогает венесуэльским беженцам

Angelina is not the first time a goodwill Ambassador for the UN, therefore its competence to discuss and improve the lives of those in need. At the meeting, actress and Minister of Peru gave a press conference, which discussed life in the country of Venezuelan refugees and migrants from other countries.

“All the Venezuelans with whom I met, described the situation in his country is desperate. I’ve heard stories of people dying for lack of care — cancer patients, chemotherapy which was abruptly stopped due to the lack of medicines in Venezuela, diabetics without access to insulin, children who need antibiotics. None of the Venezuelans with whom I met, did not want charity. They wanted to be able to help themselves. Many of them said, “We didn’t want to leave their homeland, but we had to,” said Angelina.

According to Jolie, in 2015 about two million people have left Venezuela, about 400 thousand of them moved to Peru. This is the largest migration of peoples in Latin America in history.

Earlier, the actress flew to Iraq, where he helped rebuild the city after the fighting. In Mosul, the actress spoke with local families who have suffered from the fighting. “This is the worst devastation that I’ve seen in all my years of work with UNHCR. The people here have lost everything: their homes are destroyed. They are the poor. They have no medicines for their children, many do not have even running water. They are still surrounded by corpses in the ruins. After the unimaginable trauma of the occupation they are now trying to rebuild their homes, often little help,” said Jolie.

It hard work helps Jolie to cope with the divorce. Then, the media came news that Angelina Jolie was limited in the custody of their children, and brad pitt, whom she was prevented from communicating with the kids, will be able to spend more time with them. But the actress was able to cope with the incident. Like many colleagues, Angelina concentrated on work to distract yourself from unpleasant events. Close to the actress sources told People that Jolie copes well with what is happening.

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