Kim Kardashian has told how he first saw the stepfather in women’s clothing

Ким Кардашьян рассказала, как впервые увидела отчима в женской одежде

Instagram celebrity and the founder’s own line of cosmetics, Kim Kardashian is gradually revealing personal secrets on various TV shows. Next in line was a show Alec Baldwin. Kim has answered the questions of the actor and he revealed some secrets of their own and others ‘ lives. So she told the audience about the first time he saw his stepfather (now Kathleen Jenner) try on the clothes her mother and revealed details of life after the robbery in Paris.

Ким Кардашьян рассказала, как впервые увидела отчима в женской одежде

The stepfather of Kim Kardashian and the biological father of Kendall and Kylie Jenner — Olympic champion Bruce Jenner — in 2015 replaced the floor. Debuted Bruce as a woman on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine that took Annie Leibovitz. Sex change though was foreseen by the rumors in the media, but became a great surprise to the public. But the family all knew, and especially Kim. “I was 25 [2005 — approx. ed.], when I first saw Caitlin. It was Bruce, try on women’s clothes in the garage of my mother. She then was out of town. When I saw it, then ran quickly into the house, Packed a bag with some clothes and ran out of the house. I was shaking. I called Courtney and said that I need to stay with her this weekend. I was hysterical, I was sobbing. She asked me: “did You catch Bruce cheating on me?” I could only reply: “If. I don’t know what I saw”. Soon I was called Bruce. He said that one day I will sit down with me and explain everything, but until then, I’m not supposed to tell anyone about what you saw. I understand that if you tell mother, it would destroy her marriage, and her younger sisters Kendall and Kylie will leave without a father, so I remained silent.”

Ким Кардашьян рассказала, как впервые увидела отчима в женской одежде
Also the public was concerned about the details of an armed robbery in Paris in 2016. Then, in the room of a star burst masked men with guns. They started to threaten Kim, tied her up and made the room decorations cost several million dollars. This case forced Kardashian to abandon social networking and any social activity for recovery. “My life during these two years much has changed. I began to appreciate more privacy. Only now I began to come out of his shell. To return to ourselves, to what I was before the nightmare. My forward movement started only three months ago. But the robbery did not break me, I wasn’t depressed, on the contrary, I was very motivated to get back into operation and continue to operate as it did before. Of course, it was a strong shake-up”.

Kim admitted that he understands his guilt in the incident. “I’m a realist. I have published in social networks of their jewelry, bags, cars, set geotags, where we are told what and with whom engaged. I talked a lot about his things and a long been evaluated by yourself with what you have. That experience changed me, it gave me the opportunity to look differently at the world and ourselves. And I’m grateful for it. Besides, now I’m more serious about the safety of his family. The clock at my house staffed by six professional security guards. Also have bodyguards that travel with me 24/7 and stand at my door. I became very fond of personal space. I like to relax, where no one can see me. I never thought that for me it will be so important, because I used to want constant attention. I just wanted to be constantly on the mind”.

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