Angelina Jolie buys land, owned by the “red Khmer”

Анджелина Джоли покупает землю, принадлежащую «красному кхмеру»

As you know, Angelina Jolie special feelings towards Cambodia. Familiarity Actresses this country has occurred during her work on the film “Lara Croft – tomb raider”. As said Jolie, Cambodia opened her eyes to what humanitarian disaster is happening in third world countries.

Since then, began the humanitarian work of Angelina, actress, aspiring to help the world.

In 2004, for the humanitarian work carried out in Cambodia, the Prime Minister has awarded the actress honorary citizenship of Cambodia. In August 2005, the actress received the official citizenship of Cambodia from the king of that country for his services to help the residents and environment of the country. Given this tight connection with Cambodia and how much time they spends, it is not surprising that the actress is considering to buy a place.

The choice Jolie fell on the land plot of 2.5 Hectares, which belonged to the former military times, “Khmer Rouge” Rango Chita. The price of land of 32 thousand euros.

Note that the land in Cambodia, Angelina is already there. it owns a land area of 7.5 Hectares, where located, in particular, the base charity the MJP Foundation and residential complex.

Earlier we talked about the fact that Jolie and pitt can’t decide on a French estate.