Katie Holmes admitted that her daughter Suri away from her

Кэти Холмс призналась, что дочь Сури отдаляется от неё

Actress Katie Holmes is the new guest star of the magazine Town&Country. 38-year-old starred in a photo shoot and told the journalists some details of his personal life. So, Katie admitted that she now has a hard time because it faces a difficult choice – career or a daughter.

Like any mother, Holmes was inclined to sacrifice themselves professionally for the sake of the child, but at the same time, the actress understands that her daughter needs a stable bed of roses, which she can only be working.

“My child is the most important person for me, and her upbringing is much more important than my current work. I need to have Suri had a stable childhood. And no matter what I do, there’s nothing better than watching your child succeed”, — says Holmes.

Kathy noted that gradually began to get used to the idea that her daughter is growing up, and that means moving away from mom: “Every day the children get older and a bit away from us. On the one hand, it’s a positive thing, on the other — is almost heartbreaking. Because you always want to be there for your child, but all you really can do is to give children a broad. And then they grow up and leave. For me it will be a very sad moment.”

While Katie worries about the fact that Suri will not tell all his secrets, the girl’s father Tom cruise did not seem too worried that the last few years, he did not communicate with the child.

Well, the star of “Mission impossible” still come to his senses and decided to reestablish communication with his daughter.