Анджелина Джоли и Брэд Питт пытаются спасти свой брак
The couple decided to resort to a mysterious ritual.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Photo: Fotodom.ru

According to the overseas reporters of the tabloid “National Enquirer”,
Angelina Jolie and her husband brad pitt, is experiencing a serious crisis of relations
decided to use the ancient magic to save your marriage.

Jolie, a keen interest in all
kind of mysticism, the occult, decided to hold an ancient magic ritual to revive the passion that once connected her with pitt, and save thus his family. As told
the reporter, one of the friends of the actress, Jolie for the implementation of this unusual ritual, angelina and brad will have to go to the tropics in the jungle.
The ceremony is held in the night by the light of the full
moon, and both parties should remove all my clothes. Reading
spells, they have to mix a drop of blood each other and bury them in the ground. And then stay in the jungle until, until dawn.

This story may not seem too
most likely, if not one circumstance. Angelina in the past have often
resorted to very extravagant rituals, and she confirmed herself. So,
for her first husband johnny Lee Miller, Jolie came out with blood on his clothes:
the actress and her husband wrote with his blood on the jerseys the names of each other. And after his second wedding to Billy Bob Thornton — she wore on the chest
a vial of his blood, giving exactly the same to him – with her. So nothing
does not interfere with angelina and with her third husband, brad pitt, spend
some of the extravagant ceremony.

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