George Clooney has defended himself from threatening them schizophrenic

Джорджа Клуни защитили себя от угрожающего им шизофреника

To be famous, probably a good thing. You’re recognized for your work you are well paid, at different social events, you get some bonuses, etc. But fame has a downside, which sometimes has the potential to end tragically for the stars.

Once we talked about stalkers who pursue celebrities at every step, follow their every action, even sneaking into homes and steal personal belongings. Some of the fans, unfortunately, a particularly aggressive and even threatened violence to his idol.

With such “fans” had a chance encounter the couple Clooney. George and Amal had received letters from the unknown, which is 189 pages wrote a couple of threats, threatened with violence.

To wait until something was wrong, the family refused and went straight to the court for appropriate redress.

Actor George Clooney received a restraining order for 5 years against threatening him and his wife men. It is noteworthy that the judgment was obtained in a matter of days (the application was filed a couple of 11 June 2016).

Journalists managed to find out some details about the man who was so obsessed with family Clooney: it was the 55-year-old mark Bibby. It is reported that he sent the threat Clooney and his wife Amal, 189 pages. At Bibby diagnosed with bipolar disorder and possibly schizophrenia.

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