Anfisa Chernykh: “Khabensky much changed me”

Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил» The star of the movie “New Christmas tree” has a chance to work with famous artists. Anfisa admitted what men can conquer and also shared plans for the 2018 year.
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»

Recently in rolling out the next part of the beloved holiday Comedy “New Christmas tree”. In the film tells the stories of the lives of ordinary people that occurred on the eve of the New year. Anfisa Black, who played a nurse, said in an interview with “StarHit”, as her admirers and why dreaming of stew.

Anfisa, tell us about her character in the movie “New tree”?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»This is a very clear role. My character is a confident girl, emotional, explosive and very simple. She is a nurse and meets up with the doctor. And they seemed fine, and he’s going to do to her, but bursts in their life, Galya (Valentina Mazunina), who is also in love with this man. It was interesting to do a project. The whole group was United by a common idea – to make a good quality movie. And we are very lucky with the creative producer – Zhora Gooseberry, which was inspired and supported by all on the site. I think we got a good movie, which adjusts for a Christmas miracle and sorcery.—
You are lucky to have partners filming: Konstantin Khabensky, Dmitry Nagiev, Ivan Urgant, Sergey Svetlakov… any of them work easiest? What have you learned?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»With Urgant and Svetlakov, unfortunately, do not overlap at the site, as we had different stories in this film. With Dmitry Nagiyev met, but quite a bit. Most of all, I worked with Konstantin Khabensky. He very much changed to me at the time. Interaction with them on set has influenced not only my professional work but also my attitude to life.
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»
Can you recall an interesting story from the set of “Trees”?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»We had a funny situation with a script. It was not all spelled out like it was supposed to look like on screen. During filming we decided to make several options for the end of our history and do not know which version will ultimately choose. So with curiosity I watched the film.—
What would you wish yourself in the year 2018?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»Learn to distinguish the illusory from the real. We often take for reality some factors, and they break us. I would wish myself to relax and to enjoy life. In Moscow very fast pace of life, you need to be able to stop and enjoy the moment. I want next year, I remembered one very important thing: all around taking care of me!

Anfisa – you’re an attractive girl. Surely, the fans are hovering in droves… What you need to do to please you?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»My chosen one should be strong, masculine, and all things considered. And he should know what he wants, to set goals, burning idea. In General, it is not up to me. It’s all higher powers and the butterflies in my stomach. There are no clear criteria. Of course, I like beautiful and talented, but to have any sympathy must be something more, and it is intangible.—
I believe that a man should give a girl expensive gifts?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»The best that can give a man is a gift that is charged with energy and made with love. You can Wake up in the morning and he will come to you with the stew, taped from “Tiffany” and say, “Here’s tin – went to the shooting range!” And it would be a cool surprise. The gift must be made with heart and courage. But if the gentleman can afford to do expensive gifts, then why not? Cause every girl blooms when a loved pleasing her, and he, in turn, becomes more masculine when around him happy fiancee. Here’s a cycle of life.—
Now, you have young man?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»I have a lot of suitors but my heart is at the moment freely, I love the whole world. Recently returned from India and yet is configured on the internal search of oneself. But maybe this is an excuse and is just not the same “butterflies” in the stomach. I have a lot of love, but it is directed to others, the world, nature.—
Can you call yourself a jealous man?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»Yes, but try to control the bursts and to work on myself, because I know that jealousy is a bad quality, it does not carry anything positive. But when you’re in harmony with yourself, then you have no time for jealousy.

You are difficult to meet?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»It is difficult to answer this question. Sometimes it may come a pleasant person, look at him: he’s dressed well and speaks beautifully, but our fields do not match and do not even want to meet. And sometimes, that fit strange guy in transition, looks at you and you begin to easily and naturally communicate. You’ll never guess, it all depends on the energy.
Are you amorous? How to relate to romance?
Анфиса Черных: «Хабенский сильно меня изменил»It all starts with yourself. If you maintain inner harmony, it’s all around fine. As for men, then fall in love seriously and for a long time. To romance are good, but I think that if you know how – do not know – let’s rock-n-roll and do not contradict nature.—
Share your plans for the future?
I want to make a lot of good things. Now I take care of all the trash that has accumulated in the house to free up space. When you clean the house, purely in the head. Want to meet with everyone with whom long time no see, to solve all the issues, to make peace with those with whom I had a fight.