The author of the controversial song Pugacheva responded to accusations of plagiarism

Автор скандальной песни Пугачевой ответил на обвинения в плагиате Oleg Vladi sure that we are talking about a planned attack on the Diva. He claims that he wrote the song for Alla Pugacheva on their own, not relying on someone else’s creativity. The man is ready to prove his innocence using a lie detector.
Автор скандальной песни Пугачевой ответил на обвинения в плагиате

Premiere of a new song Alla Pugacheva took place in the new year night on channel one. The song “I fly” immediately attracted fans, but its author after a few hours accused of plagiarism. The poet Alexander Vulykh came to the conclusion that the creation of the author remarkably like Heath Igor Saruhanov fifteen years ago.

Oleg Vladi, who wrote the lyrics and music to scandalous song Pugacheva decided not to stay away. He commented on the situation, calling it a planned action against Divas.

“It has nothing to do with it. It was an original part to which the contractor is in principle not relevant. Therefore, claims the singer, in my opinion, ugly and unprofessional. I can say as to the spirit of what the song of Igor Sarukhanov “Invented love” in question, I first heard of January 1, 2018, when actually the whole story started. If need be, ready to confirm in any polygraphs and detectors. For me, this “discovery” was like a bolt from the blue,” said Vladi.

The man was surprised that Alexander Vulykh made claims only on the eve of the New year, because a few days before this was shown the teaser of the song. According to Oleg, some want to make a PR, intervening in the situation with a new track singer.

Angered Vlad and the fact that the rumors about plagiarism can negatively affect his creative activity. Now he is successfully cooperating with Anita Tsoi, Christina Orbakaite, Svetlana Loboda and many others. Now, however, the career of a composer may be at risk.

“No one never had any issues to my authorship and its truth. And especially it would be strange that at the time of my cooperation with Alla Pugacheva, with the top of our platform, I would be preparing a song for her, suddenly, for no reason took and borrowed a piece of verse from the song fifteen years ago Igor Saruhanov” – said the man.

Earlier it became known that Alla Pugacheva was contacted by songwriter Alexander Vulykh, and they managed to resolve all contradictions. This was announced by the man himself, noting that he would not submit to the court and to continue to develop this story.

Fans of Alla hastened to take the side of the artist. They said that the song was successful, and she has all chances to become a hit. In the same sure and its author Oleg Vlady. The man really liked the idea of shooting the clip and how the song was performed by the Diva.

According to Vladi, Pugacheva has long been eyeing to this material. She purchased the performance rights for another year and a half ago, but decided to present the hit “I fly” just now.

In an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the composer noted that he had no claims to the other side of the conflict. According to Vladi, a controversial situation has arisen because of the General rhythmic pattern of two songs. However, Oleg is ready to defend its interests in court, if necessary