Anfisa Chekhova presented to the public my friend

Анфиса Чехова представила публике своего друга
Award Music Box TV presenter appeared in the company of a cute brunette.

Photo: Instagram

Anfisa Chekhov for several months now, actively fuels the rumors about the breakup with her husband, Guram Bablishvili. She will go to relax in solitude or in the company of interesting men, Guram goes on a journey alone when Anfisa is located in Moscow. And most importantly — they no longer recognized each other in love throughout the country, although he did so for all years, lived together — until this spring…

The prestigious award Music Box Anfisa Chekhova came in the company of a handsome young man in black glasses. They found Eduard Demchenko, the expert of the program “Beauty in Russian” on NTV channel and the show “Hell’s kitchen” channel on Friday.

“And he’s a magical dermatologist and cosmetologist, — Anfisa shared with admirers. — We know each other for 15 years, and at all times I could rely on his shoulder and cry into his shoulder! Many of the countries we traveled together, so many delicacies have tried (We’re both big foodies). Know almost all the secrets of each other! Edward is my main consultant on healthy lifestyle, and, frankly, on everything from where to buy the coolest vacuum, ending in what hotel is better to stay. This is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about everything! And he cooks! Mmmmmm, licking then fingers, plates and pans!”

In comments to a joint photo of Anfisa and Edward, of course, immediately raised questions about Guram.

“I have already said that Guram and Solik back from Georgia in a week!” — calmly answered them all.

Apparently, the same will be clear, everything is okay in the star family. And while fanaty not understand how it is possible for more than 6 years to not give up a single day and languish in separation, and then stop seeing each other for months.