The stars of the musical “Ghost” mastered pottery

Звезды мюзикла «Привидение» освоили гончарное мастерство
In MDM theater company “Stage entertainment” will present the biggest premiere of the theatrical season — the musical “Ghost”.

The stars of the musical “Ghost”

the eve of the premiere of the musical “Ghost” in School “Dymov Ceramics” at the end of the exhibition was held a master-class in pottery for the Actresses of the musical Gali armless and Julia Willow, who will play the role of Molly.

the story, Molly was a talented sculptor, a Potter’s wheel for
it is not only the way of expression, but also the opportunity to get away from
reality. The author of the script of the film and musical “Ghost” Bruce Joel Rubin remembers
literally “copied” the Molly with his wife, the talented sculptor. At
to him, this profession is the key to the character of the heroine: “Molly
feminine and soft, it struck down the death of the beloved, but in need
the moment quickly takes himself in hand and it turns out that she is strong
a person with strong character. She is reborn to new life like
how to pottery wheel clay from a shapeless mass appears

According to Bruce Joel Rubin, demi Moore is very serious about the fact that in the most authentic way to play Molly. “Before
the film demi took lessons in pottery. She’s great
worked with clay, all the movements looked very
professionally. Therefore, even in close-UPS we see the hands of the demi,
not a real master,” recalls Bruce Joel Rubin.

The legendary episode with a Potter’s wheel to the sounds of the beloved melody Unchained Melody
became a symbol of the film. Thanks to the talent of demi Moore and Patrick
Swayze, this scene is recognized as the most beautiful and romantic in the history

In the musical task
complicated — everything happens in real time before the audience and rights
for error is no: you cannot play this moment again, to show
close-up or to use the film editing. The effect on the viewer
should be no less strong than in the movie.

that Gal armless and Julia Willow has mastered the basics of pottery,
the production team of the musical turned to recognized experts in this
sphere, the masters of the school “Dymov Ceramics”. Lecturer scaligeri of Zdorovtsev taught
girls to work on the Potter’s wheel and feel the clay, to create
various forms of ceramic products. Dmitri explained how to
if mistakes or wrong turns can be corrected can be corrected
the shape of the object.

Armless and Julia Willow was left in awe of the master class, and ceramic
products, which they managed to sculpt his own hands, the girls took
with you.

“Every day on the stage we will work with real Potter’s wheel,
each day will receive a fresh clay — and need to be flawless,
so that the audience believed us. In the play scene with a Potter’s wheel
repeats a scene from the movie and lasts about 4 minutes with a brilliant
the song Unchained Melody. We are faced with a problem, how to make
this intimate stage maximum, because the two thousandth hall suggests more
wide picture. But in the little things, the details, the emotions we strive
meet the sensual images of the characters demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.
It was important for me several times to review the film to get used to the way
Molly, played by Moore. But still in the musical, we sing — and my
character will be stronger, more characteristic. Music on the scene
will allow you to cry as much as it does in the film, Molly”, — says Galina armless.

and Julia are great, they are very good at. Of course, to actress
feel confident at the Potter’s wheel, and moves on
the machine and not distract from the actor’s task, they need at least 5-7
classes, — says Dmitry. — Everyone from our
the workshop brings something different: it can make a simple pot but can
to make the ability. Our body is a system of levers, and when
Potter turns, the main thing – to find support, to feel your body,
feel the Potter’s wheel. When clay hears what a person with a solid
hand, she begins to listen. If the clay feels weak man
– it is imposed on their game”.

clay is a great pleasure. Clay becomes very soft and
delicate, like chocolate. The work of the Potter’s wheel comfort is
real meditation!” says Julia Willow.