Anfisa Chekhov was not allowed in Italy

Анфису Чехову не пустили в Италию
Today, 21 December, celebrating the anniversary of the TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov, who was 40 years old.

Анфису Чехову не пустили в Италию

Despite the well-established signs, Anfisa was going to celebrate in a big way in Venice. But due to recent move to Sochi, Chekhov forgot to check the expiry date of your Schengen visa.

Анфису Чехову не пустили в Италию

“Safely having reached Venice, at passport control, I found that my Schengen ended on December 14 — says TV presenter. — I got so worked up that I forgot to look until I have a visa. With me such for the first time. And in my anniversary I wanted to celebrate in beautiful Venice with friends,” says Anfisa.

Recall that recently the TV presenter together with his son Solomon moved to Sochi to spring, where will keep the show “Balanced people.”

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