Анастасия Волочкова призналась, что еще не потеряла веру в мужчин Ballerina hopes on a new relationship. According to Anastasia, her heart is still free. However, by the insolent Volochkova still ruthless: the dancer said that it intends to punish Chermen Zotova draining her intimate photos online.

Prima ballerina Anastasia Volochkova looked at straight talk to leading Radio “KP” Andrei and Yulia Norkin. The conversation began with a discussion of a scandal involving intimate pictures of a ballerina, for which Volochkova appears in a very explicit poses. Dancer surreptitiously photographed by her lover – businessman red Bunkers, and later personal pictures hit the net. Anastasia businessman accused of dirty PR at her expense, and appealed to law enforcement bodies to punish their ex. Anastasia Volochkova prepares riposte to the former chosen one

“In order to teach it to do it, – said the ballerina. – He took advantage of my trust!”

Volochkova said that it did not intend to forgive Zotova betrayal. And going to go to the end. For this reason, the dancer has become the main heroine of the talk show, in which was discussed the most draining of intimate images.

Anastasia shamed the hackers who stole her intimate photos

Ballerina also remembered an old scandal with the leadership of the Bolshoi theatre. Anastasia once told about how he won the court and got the opportunity to return to the main stage of the country. However, I realized that my colleagues are going to give her a very real persecution. According to the artist, they were ready on everything not to let her, Volochkova on the stage. Then the dancer has created his own charity concert, involving talented children. Officials, heads of cities and ordinary citizens to help Anastasia to arrange for ordinary folks a real show.

“I am a happy person, love my job itself find support. People are helping me bit by bit. Everything to make kids happy. And when some schmuck tries to discredit me will not succeed”, – said Anastasia.

In addition, Volochkova admitted that overly worried about the fate of his ex-lover Suleiman Kerimov, now having problems with the law. Anastasia pray for him, despite the fact that they broke up many years ago. Volochkova urged to pray for the victim

At the end of the conversation, the star hinted that her life has been change for the better. “When I have strong man – everything will change. This man lives on the earth, and he will come to me for a meeting. In the meantime, I retain the power that may be the envy of any”, – said Volochkova. Traditionally, the dancer plans to celebrate the New year and Christmas in the Maldives, but at the Baptism she will return to Russia to swim in the icy font.