Анфису Чехову осудили за снимки в бикини The TV presenter was suspected of dishonesty. Subscribers in Instagram Anfisa Chekhova found in the fresh photos, women facts, use special editors for correction.
Анфису Чехову осудили за снимки в бикини

Anfisa Chekhova together with a family has a rest in Italy. Artist daily puts spectacular shots from vacation in microblog, which shares parts of the holidays. Celebrity son Solomon to go out to restaurants, parks, local attractions and regularly take a sun bath. However, fans teledive touched very different pictures. Users of the social network suspected Anfisa to use photo editors on pictures taken in the pool.

Them Busty brunette posing to the photographer in a two-piece then lying on the edge of the pond, bringas in him. In the opinion of the followers of the star, the aspect ratio on these images does not correspond to the actual, and the background near some body parts blurred.

Анфису Чехову осудили за снимки в бикини

Fans Chekhova admitted that did not expect from this darling of dishonesty, because the woman always was considered a sex-symbol of Russian show-business. In addition, some members felt that changing the shape, Anfisa will lose the male half of the fans.

“Here guys, enjoy. You wanted it due to the curves, and now she hides them”, “Damn I never would have thought that even she photoshops everything. It is a pity”, “All spread out, where the hands, waist, legs – it is evident that processed from the heart”, “I still love Chekhov and admire her, though, and see that the figure is not her!” – expressed his opinion concerned.

It should be noted that Anfisa gets similar comments. Detractors regularly send her messages pointing to errors and omissions. Which is probably why the brunette tries not to react to negative reviews and continues to share with fans of bright Italian frames.

But I don’t have to meet your expectations: to raise a child, as you deem proper, to be what you want to see me, look as you like and only say what you want to hear! It’s like the zoo: you don’t teach a monkey eating a banana! You can look-not touch! And don’t feed the exhibits for his criticism! On earth, nearly seven billion people! And the life of each of them are unique and correct! Let yourself be yourself and others to be other.