Звезда «Папиных дочек» вступила во взрослую жизнь Ekaterina Starshova, which many know as the performer of the role of adorable Buttons, a diploma and saying goodbye to the classmates. The girl is going to continue his studies at the lycee of a leading Metropolitan University. Fans Starkovoy delighted with her progress.
Звезда «Папиных дочек» вступила во взрослую жизнь

15-year-old actress of the series “father’s daughter” Ekaterina Starshova, known to many for his role as Buttons, graduated from high school. The girl shared the happy news on social networks. It should be noted that the actress worked hard to get the coveted certificate, which is one of the five. “You know, guys… At the moment there is no happier person than me! Lord, thank you for everything! This is probably the best day of my life. My emotions are just outrageous! Still can’t believe I did,” said Catherine.

After some time, the graduate again appealed to the subscribers to Express their joy at the completion of a significant phase of life. In the picture, which appeared in the microblog Stasovoi, she’s posing in a bright dress. Together with Catherine for the photo of her mother.

In the publication she also thanked the teachers and wished them further success. “I know I wasn’t easy, but you understood me. It was on the understanding I hoped for. You got me all supported, and I am very pleased!” she said.

Catherine also spoke about his native and beloved school, calling it “success”. In addition, she asked the classmates with whom she is forced to leave. The fact that Starshova goes to the Lyceum at Moscow state medical University named after Sechenov.

“I’ll always remember, and you did not forget! Remember that I’m always open to talking with you! Don’t be a stranger and come to the reunion,” said she.

Talking about what gave her education, Catherine and shared their thoughts. The actress said that he had entered adulthood. In recognition of the girl, her character has undergone some changes. In addition, Starshova again thanked the school, teachers and classmates.

“From a little girl who initially did not believe that is in school, I turned into a young girl with his views on life and strong character! Thank you all!” she said.