Анфиса Чехова заговорила об изменах и претензиях к экс-супругу The presenter remembered was seven years of relationship with Guram. According to Anfisa, she and her husband have changed dramatically over the life together. Now Chekhov is not in a hurry to meet again with someone claiming that no male feels comfortable.

Anfisa Chekhova divorced her husband Guram Bablishvili after seven years of marriage. The couple has a son Solomon. As recognized television star, with her ex-husband, she managed to part friends.

“We met in a certain period of life, being cheerful, carefree, childless, without burden of responsibility. He was proud, I’m calling. So we each other attracted to learn something important: to humble their pride, to endure. I became increasingly feminine, he is not a boy and husband. Over the years we each other transformed and realized that the people we have become, already uncomfortable together. I want something different, he also. We had passion, and we began to look in different directions. What I can claim to be ex-husband? They are not”, – said Chekhov.

Host of the show “a Balanced and happy people” believes that with age she began to take a different attitude to men. According to Anfisa, she always disagreed with the choices of enemies. Now the TV presenter is more philosophical about some situations that can occur in relations between spouses. In particular, Anfisa understands that sometimes men can make mistakes and betray their wives.

“For me, cheating is an ambiguous thing. If the husband pays little attention to you, and physically including, says some right words, not admires, not giving material support and at the same time you’ll find that there’s a woman who gets away from it all, then I wonder why you are still together. When he gives it to you, but where we drank and had been on a spree, my opinion is an absolute nonsense. Such treason is not destroyed feelings and family. My thinking on this subject and, probably, therefore the realization that in some moments he cheated on me, not a reason to be killed. We Guram long ago all spoke and understood. Such cheating does not undermine my female essence, self-esteem, I’m beautiful,” – said Chekhov.

Now the TV presenter is totally committed to the work and care about his son. They live in Sochi, where the removed project “a Balanced and happy people.” Chekhov is not in a hurry to build a new romantic relationship. According to star, she even refuses to go on dates because usually they only tell people about the benefits of nature.

“I believe that you can be happy without a pair, and unhappy together. I don’t know why women all the time waiting, so she jumped into a train. But if she got off the tram and just walking around the city, you feel sorry for her. I’ve changed so much during the relationship with my husband became a different person, who is well with yourself. Me for their own usefulness’t need someone, I don’t feel lonely. When a woman can not be happy by itself, it will hardly be paired. Except that at the time. Here came the Savior, pulled from the depths. But placing this responsibility, you’re too hard on him, and as a result are disappointment.” – told Anfisa in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.