Karina Mishulina got a new job after dismissal

Карина Мишулина получила новую работу после увольнения The daughter of a famous actor is intensively preparing for the premiere. Soon Karina Mishulina will take the stage one of the Metropolitan theatres to play the role of a femme fatale in a production of the play by Aldo Nicolai. Colleagues of the actress have become Oleg Stefan and Konstantin Soloviev.
Карина Мишулина получила новую работу после увольнения

Actress Karina Mishulina, which can not reconcile the contradictions arising from her alleged brother Timur Yeremeyev, preparing for the premiere. Apparently, after leaving the Theatre of Satire it is not for long remained without work. In the nearest plans of Mishulin – participation in the play “Femme fatale” on the play by Italian playwright Aldo Nicolai, together with Oleg, Stefan and Konstantin Solovyov.

Premiere troupe of participation of Mishulin will be held February 23 at the theater “Commonwealth Taganka actors”. Now Karina is intensively preparing for an important date and learn the text. The actress posted a picture in stories of her Instagram where she is depicted together with the scenario. Mishulina was accompanied by the hashtag “premiere”.

“Two days before entering the private performance!” – said the actress.
Карина Мишулина получила новую работу после увольнения

In the story the setting the protagonist Bruno accidentally meets a young woman named Eva. This meeting turns his life. Between the characters develops a whirlwind romance. However, Eva is not free and is Bruno to her husband. The plans of beauty – the murder of her husband with a lover. But she could not think that they will make friends among themselves.

Apparently, Karina Mishulina will play eve, and Konstantin Soloviev – Bruno. The role of the wife of the main character, went to Oleg, Stefan. To the successor of the famous names in the play were involved Olesya Zheleznyak, Olga Medynich and Elena Biryukova. Most of the audience is positive about the film Director Irina Lychagina. In their opinion, it is very easy to watch, but the acting is quite decent level.

“A great acting trio. Three actors on stage (I saw the show with the participation of Dmitry Miller Elena Biryukova and Oleg Stefan). In a hall laughter and positive emotions. Dmitry Miller is something special. Very, very, very charismatic actor. The highlight of the show! Facial expressions, gestures, looks and a beautiful partner Elena Biryukova – Comique in the skirt. Brave Oleg Stefan surprised. It turns out that he is subject to and funny sketches. I recommend,” writes one of the spectators in the Network.

At the same time, some found the material performance “average” and “uninteresting”, and the plot is “naive”. Other users of the Internet zayavlyut that setting is a great way to pass the evening if you don’t want to think about something serious.

Recall that Karina Mishulina left the theatre after a scandal with the alleged brother Timur Yeremeyev. According to the actress, she was faced with harassment of his supporters. Such attacks, enemies forced a young woman to think about changing jobs. “I wrote a statement myself. Don’t want to comment on that,” said Mishulina in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Karina Mishulina was found with the alleged grandson of Spartaka Mishulina