Anfisa Chekhov has opened a secret of success

Анфиса Чехова открыла секрет успеха
The presenter shared the recipe for a good day.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova (Instagram Anfisa Chekhova)

Anfisa Chekhova continues to share with fans the secrets of
success. At this time, the presenter told us about segmented planning day. The main thing is to set yourself up for
positive, barely opening in the morning eyes.

“It looks like this: you Wake up from bed, create
myself a mental picture of your positive first half of the day, says
Anfisa. — Like: “I get up, wash, very much like yourself in the mirror
Breakfast the healthy Breakfast which gives me a lot of energy and
very slimming, going to work, slowly, but that time at all
enough, I drive to work, and there, right at the entrance for me
Parking space. Colleagues happy to see me, and the Manager praises me and
increase my salary”. Day need to create the mental segment is the following
half a day and in the evening, create in your mind a picture of the end
day. If you do not forget during the day to form a positive mental segments
the day goes surprisingly well! Not the fact that everything you imagined
will come true, but your intention to live the day well, will form
right thoughts, which will certainly materialists! I occasionally use
this system and the results are amazing! It is important not to build at all times
a mental plan for the day, and divided into segments: morning, afternoon, evening, night”.