Marilyn Manson shocked at the unexpected confession

Мэрилин Мэнсон шокировал неожиданным признанием
The singer spoke about his extravagant tastes.


Marilyn Manson likes to shock the audience. Here
during a recent interview, he managed to hit his recognition. It
said that on the filming of the TV show Salem, he was eating live leeches! This was stated by the reporter of the website

The last ten years, Marilyn combines career
singer with the development of a second career — acting. His debut feature film
took place in 1997, in a mystical Thriller by David Lynch “lost Highway”. Since then, he
managed to participate as an actor in over two dozen films and

As for the TV series “Salem” fans
which will soon be able to see for the third season of this TV show, he
at first acted only as a songwriter. But this year the producers decided to give
47-year-old Manson work in their project and as an actor. He got the role of a
mysterious hairdresser character, which the filmmakers don’t want
provide any additional details. But he, Marilyn decided to tell
a little bit about my first impressions from the filming of the series.

As told to Manson, while working on one of
episodes, he said that his character will have in the course of action “eat”
a handful of leeches! Someone else that prospect scared him
would, but not Marilyn. He was delighted and only asked
if he will chew and swallow at least a few pieces. The answer
disappointed Manson.

who was responsible for leeches, categorically forbade me to do. Hinted that
it would not be humane. But the leeches even have a nervous system in the full sense
. But before I had a chance to try something like that. I sprinkled with salt and ate the larvae. I tried many times
and live snails. So I do not see anything special!” announced Marilyn.
So he was upset because he has failed to repeat the same achievement
Nicolas cage, who during the filming of “Kiss of the vampire” has managed not wincing
swallow a live cockroach.