Anfisa Chekhov has got a luxury car for the fabulous price

Анфиса Чехова получила шикарное авто за баснословные деньги The TV presenter became the owner of luxury cars. Anfisa Chekhova was photographed on the background of magnificent iron horse black. Fans have admired and delighted with such a gift of a celebrity.

Known host Anfisa Chekhova shared with his fans the happy news that she posted a photo of the newcomer “Porsche” in black. The car roof was decorated with a large Golden bow. Itself Anfisa decided to imprint themselves on the background of a luxury car. In the hands of a celebrity holding a bouquet of flowers. Chekhov explained to fans, where she got a gorgeous vehicle.

“Received as a gift from a reverent admirer of his talent…”, with the characteristic sense of humour wrote Anfisa.

Fans shared the joy of the presenter from the purchase of the machine. They complimented her choice and wished her good luck on the road. “Obnovili! No nails, as they say, no wand!”, “Wow, gorgeous. Congratulations. Green traffic lights”, “Super gift! Congratulations! As they say, no whistle, no wand on the way”, “Only you can make yourself the best gift! Cheers,” wrote a follower. However, they doubt that the husband probably also had a hand to his wife bought a car.

Before buying iron horse Anfisa admitted that for a long time didn’t love myself. She said that, at times, abused, betrayed, and destroyed his identity. But then she had an Epiphany – she often needs to listen to the body.

“I don’t notice his needs, leaving him in a destructive relationship, then the sea of his hunger, then fed harmful food and drink, not to admire him and don’t give any support! I decided to re-discover themselves, explore each of their habits, to understand the motives of all their actions. I wrote on paper all your achievements, and it turns out I was so well done, and I have a lot of what there is to be proud of!” – open up Chekhov.

After this introspection, the presenter began to praise myself. She realized that each person is unique, and therefore never have anyone to compare.

“Love of self became a habit: I’ve noticed that when I don’t scold myself “you fool”, I became more and more happy with myself, I stopped letting people treat me disrespectfully! Loving my body, I stopped to deal with it! Ceased to torment him of enforced restrictions, began to listen to him, and it turned out that it does not want to eat what I was eating before”, – said Chekhov.