Star KVN looking for a job to save his beloved from cancer

Звезда КВН ищет работу, чтобы спасти любимую от рака Sergey Oborin told “StarHit”, as his family was in trouble. The artist makes every effort not to give the bride to lose heart, and also to raise money for her treatment. Member of the Moscow team “Parapaparam” is any project for a treatment.
Звезда КВН ищет работу, чтобы спасти любимую от рака

The white walls of the hospital, a drip and a constant feeling of weakness – here of which today is the life Ani Baranovoj, a prop of the team of KVN “Pyatigorsk”. But more recently she was engaged to be married.

In June last year, the girl’s fiance, member of the Moscow team “Parapaparam” Sergey Oborin, stood before her on one knee and said the words, about which dreams each: “Be my life!” But the happiness of the pair was short-lived: just two months later, after I answered “Yes,” Anya detected in the right breast lump…

“Thinking for two”

“In the evening she ran out of the bathroom in tears, – says Sergey. – Trembling. I was scared, hugged me, tried to calm her down. From confused explanations realized that the beloved was on to something in my breast. I have the gnawing – her grandmother had cancer, she was very afraid of cancer, twice a year was tested. Night she did not sleep a wink, and next morning we hurried to the doctor.
Звезда КВН ищет работу, чтобы спасти любимую от рака

Next week, while Anya was examined, stretched in the painful waiting for the doctors said nothing, getting no results. Of course, we were not prepared for this at Ani stage four breast cancer with metastasis in the brain… the Doctor said that this is a peculiar – aggressive type of disease that lightning kills healthy cells in the body. And he frightened Anna the fact that she has 12 courses of chemotherapy, which she can’t have children. For the next half hour favorite didn’t utter the words – she was in shock. I too was confused, but quickly realized that I should think for both of us. From the minute I shielded my girl from scary words “cancer”, Oncology… With doctors trying to talk without her there’s no need for her to know the details”.

On the same day the couple shared their distress with a good friend raveendra Olga Bartunkova. That tied them with his friend Ruslan in Israel, he engaged in so-called medical tourism. After two weeks, by making a prepayment of Skopje on the wedding money, Anya and Sergei flew to tel Aviv. Helped all close – KVN created a General chat and collected a large sum of money, and held a charity concert to raise funds for Ani. In Israel for two months she had three chemotherapy treatments and twenty-irradiation of the breast and head.

“Because of this, Anya’s started to have problems with memory, – says Sergey. Sometimes she’s slurring his words, couldn’t form thoughts… three weeks after arrival to our rescue came her friend Tanya Vinokurov – favorite, did you had to leave one: vomiting, constant torment weakness”.
Звезда КВН ищет работу, чтобы спасти любимую от рака

In early February she returned to Moscow, where he waited another three courses of chemo – Israeli doctors had provided a patient’s medications at home. Today Anna is inseparable Sergei mother Tatiana – cooks the food, does not lose heart. A young man spends searching at work in may again in tel Aviv, and this requires money. When it comes to home-witted strongly support the bride.

“If she worries about lost hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, convinced that for me it is the most beautiful. Squeeze her morning orange juice, buy exotic fruit – she loves them,” says the man.


Звезда КВН ищет работу, чтобы спасти любимую от рака

Anya and Sergei met six years ago at one of the festivals, but noticed each other only two years later. In 2013, “Pyatigorsk” won the top divisions at the University and went to tour with the program “the Final encore” in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Company winners was the friendly command “Parapaparam”. One of its members, Leonid Morgunov had just started Dating his future wife Catherine, Utmelidze from “the City of Pyatigorsk.” During the tour she always lived in the room with Anna and Leonid asked her one night to move in with his friend Sergey Oborin, with whom he shared a room. The few hours at the hotel North of the capital has touched the lives of young people…

“She could not stop talking, – says Sergey. – It turned out that she, like I, loves animals: I have lived a shepherd Alice, and her – Pekingese Jessica. We also found out that we like the same movies, writers… well, by morning I realized I didn’t want to let her go. But two days later we had to disperse to their cities: Anya – in Pyatigorsk, me – Novosibirsk”.

Since that night the lovers had not lost touch – went to each other’s homes, constantly called, texted… And six months later decided to live together on neutral territory and moved to the capital. Anya took a job as a property man at the Moscow company, Sergei worked as a leading events. Their life was like a fairy tale: they never argued, spent together every waking moment. But the disease turned the world pairs up. Today the guys have one dream – that Anya has cured.

“I am ready on all for the sake of it, – says Sergey. – Undertake any work: I write scripts, organize a corporate party, wedding lead. But the money is still not enough. In the treatment of left three million, required approximately the same. Words cannot Express how thankful I am friends KVN – I owe them the rest of your life. Believe Anya will be cured and we have kids: we even the names they came up with…”

If you want to help Anna Baranovoj, you can either transfer the money to card of Sberbank No. 4279 3800 1141 9753