Андрей Малахов был шокирован результатами ДНК-теста
Malysheva TV presenter stunned by unexpected news.

Andrei Malakhov and Nikolai Valuev

Photo: @malakhov007 Instagram Andrey Malakhov

45-year-old Andrey Malakhov has told me that he has a brother. Though not native, and second cousins. However, when the broadcaster found out about who is his relative, degree of relationship was for him not so important. It turned out that Malakhov has kinship with… Nikolai Valuev. This news shocked Andrew, which seemed to have difficult something to surprise. Indeed, in his show “Let them talk” Malakhov many times faced with the most incredible stories.

The news that Malakhov and Valuev are second cousins unveiled Elena Malysheva. “The morning started with a shock! For those who missed the program “Health” with Elena Malysheva, summary: 2 months ago TV presenter took the analysis Dncu famous people of the country to find out their pedigree. Inviting entry transfer, Helen announced sensational news: on the paternal side — my second cousin Nikolai Valuev! Our chromosomes are the same! Don’t know where heritage relatives of the Pope, but with such a brother, much not scary!” — told the broadcaster.

By the way, the program was attended by rose Sabitova, which celebrated its 55th anniversary last weekend. Unlike Malakhov, she found out bad news about his family. As examination has shown, the most distant relatives of the Roses lived in Europe at the time, as Sabitova considered himself a full-blooded Tatar. She had no idea that she has Western roots and learning about it, very upset.