Nyusha has declassified her future husband

Нюша рассекретила своего будущего мужа
The singer first came to light with her fiancé.

Nyusha and Igor Sivov

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha35 Instagram

On the eve Nyusha made its first official publication as a bride. The singer came to the premiere of the film “denied!”, and it was accompanied by husband-to-be 36 — year-old Igor Sivov. The actress appeared at the event is not accidental. She is the author of the soundtrack to this picture. The audience at the premiere of Nyusha’s colleagues in show business noted that the singer looks very organic with the groom. Now the couple are busy with careful planning an upcoming wedding.

Offer hands and hearts Nyusha received in late January during a romantic trip to Africa. Igor chose the perfect moment to call your favorite married — with them on vacation went to his future mother-in-law, who blessed the couple for a happy marriage.

Nyusha and Igor it is not often possible to spend the weekend together. They have very intense work schedules. Not so long ago the artist began filming in the show “the Voice. Children” who “eat” a huge amount of time. Last week aired the first edition with the participation of Nyusha. She is very kind to the young participants of the program. The singer chosen for the role of “mom” on the project.

Meanwhile, fans are joking that soon she might really become a mom. Rumor has it that Jane inherited the seat of the coach “magic”. If it to sit, then soon you can expect addition in the family. Anyway, Pelagia, already a mother and pregnant Polina Gagarina are a Prime example of codedata “magic” seats of the coach.