Andrey Malakhov told about “the ins and outs of” the world of television

Андрей Малахов рассказал о «подноготной» мира телевидения
The presenter revealed details of the filming of a talk show.

Andrey Malakhov

Photo: @malakhov007 Instagram Andrey Malakhov

Andrei Malakhov told journalists he did not regret his departure from the First channel. Anchorman glad that now, in addition to “Live” is a game show — “the Wall”. In this program there are no “scandals, intrigues and DNA tests”, and there are people who have committed in my life feat. “Is the show resonates with the fact that I am absolutely sure, today we have the audience. This is a positive story of people who are doing something for their country, drink vodka, do not feed on that are waiting for some grants. They do their little chores makes life better. It played a decisive role in the fact that I’m here,” says Andrew.

Malakhov does not hide that for the sake of high ratings of “Let them talk”, he and his team often went to extremes. Malakhov did not so much as told him his conscience, causing much pain. Now Andrew don’t have anyone to cheat or to “outbid” that he is infinitely happy. But his team, which he took with him to the channel Russia-1, is not yet able to adjust to new working conditions.

“The hardest transition for me is to change the psychology of the old team, which has remained up and running. And with a new team. Is like mixing two contrasting drink two competing brand in one. It was important for me to explain that the vector has changed, the rules of the game and work with the characters has changed. No more to deceive anyone, to drag, to outbid. Television today has reached the point where any hot interview turned into a commodity in the market. Offered the amount of people on Board, it looks not very well. It is easier not to make a story than to join in this casino,” added Andrew.

Very soon, she will be the first time dad. It so happened that the waiting period coincided with fundamental changes in the life of Andrei. The news of the pregnancy of the wife of a movie star — Natalia Shkuleva played a role in the adoption of Malakhov’s decision on the transition to “second button”.


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“It was one of the components of this dominoes that began to fall. But that was not the final argument for decision-making. I just realized that in a situation where I was in time to see the baby I would not be at all!” — quoted Malakhov