In Moscow held a farewell to Vladimir Marjanovi

В Москве состоялось прощание с Дмитрием Марьяновым
Colleagues still can’t believe that actor is dead.

В Москве состоялось прощание с Дмитрием Марьяновым

Dmitry Maryanov

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Today in the House of Cinema held a farewell to Dmitry
By Marjanovi, who passed away at the age of 47 years. To say goodbye to actor came
thousands of fans and his colleagues in an acting workshop. Alexey Kortnev, Ksenia Alferova, Aleksandr Strizhenov, Love Tolkalina, and many others have said many
warm words and shared memories about the actor. Dmitry Pevtsov, Dmitry compared
with Vladimir Vysotsky, who also went at the peak of his creative dawn, “burned,
like a meteor”.

The actor’s widow Xenia BIK are unable to hold back the tears. It
incredibly shocked by the sudden departure of her beloved husband. Recall Maryanov died 15 Oct. The cause of death
was the clot sukupolvi the pulmonary artery. Dmitry had a successful career in
movie: he starred in over 70 films and TV shows. The actor remembered by the audience
roles in the films “the Countess de Monsoreau” and “radio Day”, as well as in the series “Personal
the life of investigator Saveliev’s” where the Maryanov played a major role. In addition, he
he served in the troupe of the theatre “Lenkom”, where he played in performances of “Juno and Avos”,
“The Bremen town musicians”, “Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro” and many others.

Zmitser survived by his wife and little daughter. In 2015, the artist
tied the knot with Ksenia who is younger than his 17 years. Meeting with
a psychologist from Kharkov radically changed the lives of Maranova. General child —
eight-year-old Anfisa — the pair was hidden from the public until the wedding.

Photo: Instagram