Андрей Малахов раскрыл тайну Дениса Вороненкова

By the nature of their professional activity, Andrei Malakhov come in contact with people who can tell you about the secrets of a person. So, after the murder of her husband Maria Maksakova Denis Boronenkov, which took place on the 23rd of March, the host had decided to finish the touch to the portrait of the deceased and said that a few weeks before the tragic events of transfer “Let speak” addressed to a woman named Elena, who, according to her, raising a child Boronenkov.

Elena claimed that the reason for their separation was “a temper” Dennis. However, he personally this to comment on the situation refused. Then e-mail the staff of the program “Let them talk” began to crumble threatening letters. “The chief-editor of engaged in the preparation of the ether with the Deputy, was dumped on the doorstep a dead cat with a note “For those who were not satisfied”, – says Malakhov.

Presenter is sure that this fact is one of the many in the dark past Boronenkov.

“Of course, of the dead good or nothing,” – concluded Malakhov.