The son of Victoria Beckham wants to move out from parents

Cын Виктории Бекхэм мечтает съехать от родителей

The eldest son of Victoria and David Beckham has recently celebrated its 18th anniversary. Gradually, the boy joins into adulthood, the next stage which is the end of school and the moving of the father’s house. Brooklyn Beckham wants to distance himself from his family and move from Britain to the United States.

“I really want to learn the art of photography in America after I finish school in Britain!” — admitted to Brooklyn, noting that the University, which he will do, he has not chosen. But he told about his plans to combine at the high school playing sports and photography. “I love football, but his career would like to make it as a photographer!” — said the young man.

Note that your interest in photography Brooklyn is gradually developing and improving in this case. For example, Burberry recently, the leadership has entrusted him to work on a marketing campaign for his collection.

Outside of “work” so to speak, Brooklyn took several hundred photos, which this year will feature the book and you can see them on the shelves of bookstores.

Earlier we told you that Victoria Beckham has created for his son a completely new position in his firm. Apparently, mom is not ready yet to let go of their child from themselves, and even more so in another country.