Andrey Malakhov became the hero of the clip Roxette

TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” starred in the new video. Andrey Malakhov has decided to be creative and create a video for the song Swedish team. The footage so impressed the members of the band Roxette that they decided to show their fans of his work.

TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov surprised his fans with an appearance in the new music video of the popular Swedish band Roxette. Famous team decided to announce a competition for all fans of his work who would like to see yourself in the video for the song “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers”. Andrey Malakhov in a fit of inspiration recorded a short video that is sent along with all other participants. Music video appreciate creativity of the chief editor of “StarHit” and included a few of his shots.

According to the idea of Andrey Malakhov is in the scattering of rose petals. TV presenter knits on the needles and the song of Roxette. The video was so heartfelt and touching that touched the hearts as the creators of the video, and all viewers. Malakhov told about the shooting in his microblog and shared a small video.

“Knitting is not my strong point, but the lyrics had to take up knitting needles and a magazine “Bergamote” schema model”, – said Malakhov.

The subscribers rushed to congratulate Malakhov with this debut. Some even called on the Russian pop-stars to invite the chief editor of “StarHit” in your clips, but as the main actor.

“Very funny, funny. People-positive. Thank you!” “Very romantic. Andrew knits! Love!? Dream!? Reality!?”, “Now I know what it looks like man-dream”, “Andrew, we love you! Everything you do is super. Delight and admiration”, “Andrew, nice to see you from any angle! Well, this is unexpected! Super! Have fun everyone!” – written by dedicated fans of the presenter.