The young wife of Vladimir Kristovsky gave birth to his heir

Молодая супруга Владимира Кристовского родила ему наследника The leader of the group Uma2rman became a father for the fifth time. Beloved musician gave him a cute son, who was named Fyodor. The happy parents are receiving congratulations from relatives and friends.

      Молодая супруга Владимира Кристовского родила ему наследника

      Recently 40-year-old musician Vladimir Kristovskiy became a father. The choice of the artist, designer and model Olga Pilevsky, gave him a charming heir, who was named Fyodor. A happy event, the artist told in his Instagram.

      As it became known “StarHit”, Kristovskiy took the baby home, and his mother is wonderful feeling. Vladimir with pleasure to nurse the baby and dedicates all his spare time.

      “Friends, I have great joy. Fedor Vladimirovich Kristovskiy! Now I have a whole hockey top five,” wrote Kristovskiy in Instagram.

      The fans began to congratulate him on social media. “The health of the son and of the peaceful sky”, “Wow, that’s great”, “Big family is my dream”, “Wish you lot of patience,” wrote the followers Kristovsky.

      Молодая супруга Владимира Кристовского родила ему наследника

      We will remind that Vladimir Kristovskiy – the father of four adorable girls who call yasmin, Stanislaus, MIA and Mind. Heirs of the artist gave the first wife Valeria Roman, a marriage which lasted about eighteen years. In 2013, Kristovskiy broke up with his wife, and married a second time. The new darling of the leader Uma2rman is a model and actress Olga Pilevsky. It is known that the beloved musician easily able to find a common language with his children, and they communicate well among themselves.

      It is also worth noting that the couple did not seek to share with the public so good news. In the first months of pregnancy Olga continued to attend social events, however, chose loose clothes. “About the interesting position Polevskoy knew only the closest, said “StarHit” friends of the family. Olya and Volodya tried to the last to conceal this news. Just didn’t want to start a discussion like two years ago after their wedding.” Parents do not hurry to buy everything you need for a newborn, but the hospital has taken care in advance.

      The wife of Vladimir Kristovsky expecting a baby

      “Dowry-child not yet bought, but the hospital for childbirth left them, he told friends of the couple, when Olga was in the last months of pregnancy. – I say in spite of fashion trends to give birth abroad will not go, will remain in Moscow – there is also a wonderful doctor.”