Andrey Chuev overcomes herself for the sake of the divine body

Андрей Чуев преодолевает себя ради божественного тела The man decided on transformation. Andrey Chuev said that he can be difficult to train, especially without the help of professionals. But for a brilliant result, he is willing to difficulties. Soon the star of “House-2” is ready to please fans of pumped-up torso.

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Andrei Chuev hinted that after breaking up with Marina Afrikantov he literally started a new life. The man was able to earn enough money to pay off creditors, and are now off to Dubai. He said that he had earned a rest after hard work. Andrey Chuev got rid of a million debt

However, Andrew is not going to settle for just these changes. The star of “House-2” is going to have a makeover to pump up the press and get rid of the couple extra pounds. The man admitted that sometimes he is too lazy to devote a lot of time training, but he stimulates himself with dreams of a perfect torso.

“Well, dad methodically leads his body in order. Difficult, long, tedious and constantly feel like. The result I want, and just nothing happens. Slowly emerges is something similar to muscle, but the end result still as cancer. I’m not giving up. The result will be, because I, without stopping, go to him. Miss my coaches still coach the result is much more effective. And food, of course, very important. At the moment the body is far from ideal, but better than it was”, – said Andrey, and as evidence take a picture of yourself half-naked.

Chuev has openly declared its indifference to public opinion on this matter, and therefore deprived fans of the opportunity to discuss his piece in the comments.

Now Andrew spends time in the United Arab Emirates. It is possible that the hot dry air and an abundance of fruits and vegetables will play a role, and the man will return to Moscow fit and with a relief press.

Along with the star of “House-2” travels with his daughter from his first marriage, Lisa. Apparently, they are having a good time, and Andrew not forget to share with fans of the philosophical arguments about the education of children and attitude towards life.

“When you see happiness in the eyes of your child, you can confidently say that your life is managed and developed. Everything we do for ourselves is the true value. And only when our actions bring joy to others, our actions become priceless. I can confidently say that if we paid more time to delight family and each other instead of causing negative emotions in their own kind, our world would become a Paradise of which all dream, but with disgruntled individuals all the time complaining how everything is bad and always someone to blame. More see for yourself and see who is really preventing you to live a normal life,” says Chuev.