ISA Anokhina horrified by the consequences of the “beauty shots”

Айза Анохина ужаснула последствиями «уколов красоты» Businesswoman struck a bold video in the microblog. A young mother told how caring for themselves and showed fans what she has to go to maintain the perfect appearance.

32-year-old ISA Anokhin has two children, engaged in business, but always finds time to pay attention to their appearance. The young woman carefully monitors the skin and often goes to the beautician on treatments, supporting the youth. ISA admitted that after the second birth as her face has deteriorated, so she began to care for him even more. Businesswoman and recently published in Instagram video where she candidly told how it looks after a visit to the beautician, and what it does in order to always be beautiful.

The video shows the face of a young mother close up immediately after the “beauty shots”, where she describes in details what procedure she had to go. Some subscribers celebrity videos shocking.

“But you live for the night, which horrified many. Well, I am what I am. However, after hundreds of injections I have imperfect skin. I am 32, young, I’m not going, but to look at his face I will more often! The first time took it seriously! And I don’t seem to be ashamed of what this is!” – posted by ISA under candid video.

Many followers of the celebrity endorsed favorite. “ISA, thank you for your courage! You – cool!”, “And I am very glad that you spread are real video, because none of us is perfect and so beautiful in its own way! And you ISA, very beautiful girl, does not look 32 and done that tell us how to care for themselves, this is very useful information!”, “I like you more and more every day. True, there is not enough” – written comments fans businesswoman.

Mother of two adorable boys often shared with followers interesting secrets to a happy marriage, the upbringing of sons and life on the Islands, where, until recently, was her entire family before coming to Moscow. Many fans suggested that the ISA maintain your beauty blog and publish useful tips for young mothers about health and beauty.