Andrey Chernyshov explained why not to get married

Андрей Чернышов объяснил, почему не женится The actor is in no hurry to tie the knot. 43-year-old performer of the role of Constantine Constantine in the TV series “Margarita Nazarova” believes that hasn’t met your love. According to the star, it is impossible to plan a romantic feeling, they will always come unexpectedly.

      Андрей Чернышов объяснил, почему не женится

      Actor Andrey Chernyshov has played the main male role in the TV series “Margarita Nazarova”. The film is dedicated to the life of the great Soviet tamer. Andrew had the role of wife of legendary tigers a toggle Constantine Constantine. Very Nazarov played Olga Pogodina.

      The actors had to find a common language with the animals. According to Andrew, he talked a lot with the predators on the set, and the tigress Shakira even told all my life that she was used to his voice and then learned it. By the way, before Blackburn took the decision to play in the series, he was very afraid of tigers.

      The secrets series “Margarita Nazarova”: how to create a film about the legendary tamer

      The star of the show is one of the most eligible bachelors. The actor describes himself as a workaholic and most of the time devotes to work. He does not use social networks and rarely gives interviews. Almost every year a movie or sitcom star, so for personal life and novels won’t have the time.

      According to Andrew, his family for a long time waiting for him to find a girlfriend and get married.

      “Most of all and very hard on my marriage says grandma. What I say to her: can’t do that on order, should be natural,” said the actor. He does not call himself a confirmed bachelor, who is well alone, he’s just looking for “the one” that will suddenly fall in love.

      The star of the TV series never thinks of the future. Andrew believes that fate is unpredictable, and waiting for life something interesting.

      “I want to have a wife and children, but I dream about strong family for life, such as the one in which I grew up. Waiting for this, but the events do not force. Do not believe that over the years people get stale and cease to believe in feelings. People can say anything as long as this is love it’s head is not there,” said Chernyshov.

      In women the actor values the most natural, he doesn’t care what clothes it come to the beloved on a date, matter what she. According to star, if a woman tries to mislead brains it soon anyway to find out.

      Andrew suggests that romantic feelings can only arise, they cannot be planned for. “Love, and to ward off the impossible, and to find specially, too,” – that was said Chernyshov, answering questions of readers of “Antenna-Telesem”.

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