Son Anne Hathaway first broke paparazzii

Сына Энн Хэтэуэй впервые сняли папарацции Recently turned a month since the birth of the baby. For the first time photographers were able to capture the little heir of a celebrity. Anne Hathaway touching pressed Jonathan to yourself.

      Сына Энн Хэтэуэй впервые сняли папарацции

      Popular Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway on 24 March for the first time became a mother. She gave to her husband Adam Shulman the long-awaited son. Newborn boy decided to call Jonathan.

      33-year-old beauty tried to hide from the public their first child. For a long time nobody, except the people close to her have not seen the face of the boy. But recently, the photographers still managed to capture how Hathaway with the baby went for a walk. Oscar-winning actress is very touching hugged his son to him, trying to make it so that nobody could see the face of Jonathan. But the little pink feet of the baby caused the fans affection. Along with father Adam, the whole family went for a walk.

      Ann struggled to protect their privacy from Intrusive fans and from all curious. The rumor of her pregnancy had spread in September last year, when the premiere of the film “the Intern” where she played a major role, the actress came wearing a very tight dress which did not hide slightly rounded tummy stars. Because all the fans and colleagues of the actress know that she is very carefully watching their figure and diet, the possibility that a Hollywood celebrity just gained weight was immediately excluded. It was then that everyone started to talk about the fact that Ann will soon become a mother.

      During pregnancy, Hathaway continued to lead an active lifestyle and attended various social events. But in your busy schedule, Anne had to make some changes. For the sake of raising the kid she saved a number of shots to fully enjoy motherhood. The fans were really happy for my favourite actress.

      This winter, a pregnant Anne shared in the microblog photo in a bikini. The real furor among fans who were surprised that the actress, who previously never showed my body in a bathing suit, decided to this publication.

      “I had never published their photos in a bikini, but recently I was at the beach and she did not notice, as posed for the camera. I figured if I want my picture in the bathing suit was shown to the world, this picture should make me happy (and to be that which I approve, and which will be treated by filter)”, – explained Hollywood beautiful.

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