Андрей Аршавин встал на сторону Марии Шараповой The famous footballer, recently signed a contract with Kazakhstani club Kairat believes that tennis player could become the victim of someone else’s negligence. In addition, he called Maria Sharapova a great athlete.

      Андрей Аршавин встал на сторону Марии Шараповой

      In the doping scandal with the football player decided to support his colleague from the world of sports. According to Arshavin, Sharapova could suffer due to someone else’s negligence, and the achievements of the athletes are in no way connected with the use of illegal substances. He also considers it necessary to distinguish between the types of doping drugs, it is one thing to take steroids, guaranteed to increase endurance, strength and performance, and quite another to use Meldonium, in its action more like regular vitamins.

      To a journalist’s question about how did the player himself Meldonium, which caught Maria Sharapova, Arshavin admitted he could not say definitely – previously, the doctors had prescribed him vitamins, including could be and this drug. But now the athlete nothing uses it “clean” for four years now.

      By the way, earlier it became known that the ex-captain of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin has signed a contract with Kazakhstani club Kairat under the guidance of former coach of Russian football team Alexander Borodyuk.

      “The doctor gave some vitamins, whether it was specifically Mildronate, which has always been considered something of askorbinki, I honestly can’t remember. You know, I really want to support Maria Sharapova, who was and remains for me the greatest athlete. The doping because doping strife. If she took steroids or EPO, the story would be one. And to suffer because of the negligence, probably not even her – is quite another. I think the punishment should be disqualification for a month or two, not more,” – expressed his opinion Arshavin edition “Sportpack”.

      Recall that the most paid athlete in the world, whose fortune, according to Forbes, is estimated at 240 million dollars in March was in the center of the scandal with the doping. Blood Maria Sharapova found Meldonium, which is considered prohibited from 1 January 2016. It was later revealed that the drug the player took because of health problems. Doctors found she had a predisposition to diabetes of the first type, so this substance Sharapova took for prevention. According to the ex-first racket of the world, and with that act she had committed a huge error and therefore takes full responsibility for the use of Meldonium itself.

      After the events the brands Nike, Tag Heuer and Porsche has stopped cooperation with a blonde. The issue of disqualification Sharapova will decide in a closed hearing in London, it will be held in the next three months. After an independent Tribunal will deliver a verdict, the international tennis Federation (ITF) to run it.

      However, without the work of Mary in any case will not remain. If Sharapova has a private enterprise is a brand of fashionable accessories and clothing, as well as in the business of making candies.

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