Star of TV series “Game of thrones” is waiting for the firstborn

Звезда сериала «Игра престолов» ждет первенца The actress who played the lady melisandre again, preparing to become a mother. Caris van Houten and her boyfriend, actor guy Pearce has been confirmed that waiting for the first joint of the baby.

      Звезда сериала «Игра престолов» ждет первенца

      From melisandre’s cult TV series “Game of thrones” expecting a child. 39-year-old Dutch actress Caris van Houten and her partner, 47-year-old actor guy Pearce, star of films “the King’s speech”, “Iron man” and other are preparing to become parents of their first joint child. Not so long ago this news to the fans of the show told People magazine, and later a message about a possible pregnancy of the stars of “Game of thrones”, published in the press, has officially confirmed the submitted Caris and Gaya. However, there are no comments about the expected date of birth of the child pair in the light, either about the boy or girl waiting for the star couple.

      It is worth saying that the rumors about the affair of two well-known actors appeared for the first time in November last year, about a month after guy Pearce announced his divorce from his wife. Some time later, Caris van Houten and guy Pearce have already become common to see on walks. The pair has spent together and Valentine’s Day, making it clear that their relationship is serious. But then came the news of pregnancy Caris.

      By the way, future baby Caris, will be already not the first child who was born during the existence of the series “Game of thrones”. In July last year for the second time became another cult films actress Elena Hidi, who plays Cersei Lannister. Elena Hidi gave birth to a girl.

      Звезда сериала «Игра престолов» ждет первенца

      It is noteworthy that initially the role of Cersei in “Game of thrones” were invited just Caris van Houten, but at that moment the actress was not willing to associate themselves with the television in seven years. Moreover, at the initial stage no one could have imagined that the series would have such great success with the audience.

      Repeated the invitation in “Game of thrones” in the role of a different character – Melisandre, Caris ignore are unable. According to the actress, she didn’t regret that she got such a controversial image. Character Melisandre she likes, as Caris finds “amusing”, when hate her so much. Speaking about his approach to the execution of such a complex character like melisandre’s, Houten admitted that does not allow her character to be impulsive, because melisandre’s believes that all its actions are going to exclusively lead to great good.

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