Nikas Safronov’s son told about a fatal accident

Никас Сафронов с сыном рассказали о смертельном ДТП
Safronov’s son came to the program Oksana Pushkina.

Никас Сафронов с сыном рассказали о смертельном ДТП

Luka Zatravkin


Nikas Safronov


In March the family of Nikas Safronov, a tragedy occurred: his son Luka Zatravkin knocked down on a pedestrian crossing an elderly woman died on the spot. The investigation is not yet complete, however, it is known that Luke didn’t break the rules and was completely sober.

Safronov with his son came to the program Oksana Pushkina “Mirror for the hero”. It could not go and about this tragedy.

“The first days were, of course, very hard — I could neither sleep, nor drink… I was wondering how would this nightmare end quickly. So inside I feel ownership, the guilt”, – shared his feelings with Luka Zatravkin.

“It was a terrible tragedy, and it so happened that one of the participants in the tragedy is my son. I think we won’t judge him now — who is right and who is wrong. But the fact that it will be a huge wound, bleeding all my life… I’m sure he will pray a lifetime for this woman, for her soul” – so has commented on incident Nikas Safronov.

The broadcast program will be released on March 21 on NTV.

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